Best time to visit Munnar

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Munnar is one of the most alluring leisure destinations in India perched beautifully with rolling tea gardens and spice plantations. Amid the hues of God’s Own Country, this hill station is an ideal escape to weekenders as well as leisure travellers. It dwells a mild and pleasing climate throughout the year and even during the monsoon it partakes a tantalizing ambiance with mist layering over the lush greenscape, sparkling ripples of the meandering streams down their course and sploshing waterfalls pouring its own rage. Still if you inquire the best time to visit Munnar you have seasons of autumn when it is azure, you have winter when it is quixotic, you have spring when it is blossoming and you have the summers when it is cuddling.

The temperature in Munnar in October just after the monsoon is mild and pleasing. It bears in the range of 15 degree and 20 degree whereas it drops to 12 degree in the month of November. The temperature in December and January nestles at a range of 10 degree and 15 degree. Munnar weather during the spring hops up to be bracing when the temperature roves at around 17 degree to 22 degree.

The weather in Munnar from April to June cuddles to be cordial. The temperature in April in Munnar braces at a maximum of 25 degree and in May it slightly rises to a maximum of 35 degree and the minimum being at 22 degree.

During the monsoon, Munnar receives moderate to heavy rainfall, and the temperature drops to a minimum of 20 degree and bears at a maximum of 25 degree.Thus if you want to know when to visit Munnar, visit our Munnar Travel Guide and you will always receive the best days in Munnar anytime in the year.

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